“There Will Be Beauty” and “There Is Always a Cat in the Room,” from Disquieting Muses Quarterly.

“What Have You Not Done Yet?” from The Shore.

“What to do with a box of folders,” from The Shore.

Three poems and an interview from The Licton Springs Review Monthly.

“Everywhere in the House,” from BP Review.

“My Poem,” from  Mytheria.

“The White Wing,” from  Small Orange.

“I Can’t Put Enough Household Objects in this Poem to Equal Your Wonderfulness,” from Moria.

Two poems from Ucity Review.

“Sounds Heard from Inside the Ashes Box,” in The Cortland Review.

“The Aprons of Adam and Eve” from  Mytheria.

“Bloomery” first published in the anthology Alive at the Center, from Ooligan Press, and also in Mytheria.

“This Poem Needs Garlic” in Tinderbox Poetry

“Brewing Green Tea in the Glass Percolator after the Regular Brown Teapot Has Broken” from  The Cupboard Artist, published by Floating Bridge Press

“Deep in the Summer Night, a Rustling in the Leaves outside the Bedroom Window,” from On the Seawall

Three poems about sleep, from Fringe Magazine.

“Afternoon Off”, which first appeared in Poetry Northwest.

From the Beloit Poetry Journal, three poems about ventriloquism.