The Aprons of Adam and Eve

The Aprons of Adam and Eve

…and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed
fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.
–Gen 3:7

Composite aprons, calabash aprons.
Aprons of salt and contumely, aprons of balm.
Aprons balancing watertight baskets,
aprons in holsters, aprons hirsuit,
aprons of wattle and daub.
Tollund aprons, Teflon aprons, it all depends
on the new nano-aprons, RSVP
to the white-tie aprons, here’s a round
for the blue-collar aprons, coat-tail aprons,
aprons of straw, stick, and brick, canny
aprons of chinny chin chin.

Egg-on-your aprons, vegan aprons.
Aprons of axes, tooth-scraped
and marrow-sucked aprons. Proof’s in the apron,
hidden middle apron. Wash your hands,
little aprons, it’s apron time.
Did you scrub behind your aprons?

May I have this apron? Forgive this apron.
Mind your aprons, comb your aprons, you’re going
out in that apron? Please accept my humble apron.
Honey, is my apron straight? Zip up my apron.
Zip your own apron. Pass the apron,
say Please, apron, nagging apron, rag of an apron.
Where oh where is my apron, apron too long
at the fair, apron out late
with aprons on apron night, who’ll be
designated apron? Apron on a string,
apron letting a seam out, apron
out back to hammer on aprons.

If that don’t take the tail off the apron,
apron in a twist, wild hair up my apron.

Ants in my apron, my carpenter aprons,
aprons a-twitter, a-buzz.
Beehive aprons, marcelled aprons, hear the one
about the blonde and the apron?
So an apron walks into a
handlebar aprons, mutton-chop aprons, those were the days
of grandmother aprons, strong-armed aprons,
hauling apron kettles apron Mondays
to boil and starch the aprons.

Aprons of industry, aprons of psoriasis.
Ballet or modern Apron? Call the expert
in Medieval Apron. Aprons of quagmire, aprons of steel.
Circle the aprons! Ring the aprons! Into the soup,
the slow-roasted aprons, carmelized aprons.
Out in the tree, the crying aprons, cheeping aprons.
Pap the aprons, cambric aprons,
kiss and feed the aprons beak to beak.

These frabjous aprons, aprons whistling far and wee.
Fly the aprons!
Meet at the sign of the apron, alert
for a sound in the aprons. Lay a trick hair
on the apron, cock the apron, shaking
lavender in summer aprons, folding
in cedar the winter aprons. Shutter the aprons,
reading aloud from Goodnight Apron. Listen,
the nibbling all night in the aprons, the tiny, skittering
claws of the aprons. Heirloom aprons,
testament aprons, Grandpa’s true story
of Big Foot Apron, aprons grinning and dripping,
come to eat you, eat
you all up, the fireside aprons,
the waiting aprons, any moment,
heavy-booted aprons at the door.