Banjo Lessons: FAQ

Classes offered through Dusty Strings several times yearly.

I have occasional openings for private students who love old-time music and have some experience. Contact me to inquire about availability.

What do you teach?
Old-time clawhammer/frailing banjo. Lessons will often focus on source music from the Southeastern U.S. Topics include songs, fiddle tunes, tunings, old-time traditional repertoire, and playing in jams.

What levels do you teach?
I focus on advanced beginners through intermediate to advanced, from those who know the basics of the clawhammer “bum-diddy” pattern to advanced players who want to brush up or advance even further a new level. I do not teach complete beginners. If you are a beginner looking to get started with clawhammer banjo, I suggest you contact Dusty Strings for beginning lessons. There are also some good starter lessons on You Tube.

Where do you teach? Are lessons online or in person?
Lessons are online over Zoom or in person at my house in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, depending on the current coronavirus danger and mutual convenience.

How much?
$70 for an hour’s lesson.

I love old time music, and want to share with my students how wonderful it is. I want to help people become independent learners; I show my students how to figure out things on their own from listening and watching and, of course, playing. I teach you to recognize patterns and put them together to make banjo music. Most of the music I play isn’t written down anywhere, as it comes from a folk tradition, so I don’t use tablature or written music, but teach people to learn by ear, although at the more beginning levels, I do write some things down. You go home with a recording of the lesson, with the tunes talked through, played slowly and up to speed.You can bring your own recording devices–iPhone, video camera, whatever–or if it is an online lesson, we can record over Zoom.

Contact me to inquire.

Missed and cancelled lessons
No charge if you cancel up to 24 hrs in advance. Full price for no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Sometimes we can make exceptions if you are suddenly sick or have an emergency.